What is the best vitamin for a teenage boy?

I am 15 years old and I want to increase my penis growth, is there any vitamin that will help organ growth and development as a teenager. Like vitamin a? vitamin b? vitamin c? vitamin d? vitamin e? vitamin k?? Like what vitamins help teenage development?

Also what habits will help me grow to my full potential penis size? sleepp? exercise? specific food?

Also do not comment you cannot control it, because I know you cannot control how big your penis is going to be, but I just want to help it grow to its fullest potential.
Please?? this will help me so much. Please help me, you would be amazing. I would be so thankful!!!

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Can you live off of vitamin supplments, combined with a source of fat, calories, and varied proteins?

Is that all you need? Or is there a difference between the vitamins found in supplements and vitamins found in foods?

For instance:
Get protein from regular food, along with fat, and calories
Get all other vitamins from supplements

Is that okay, as long as they’re proper supplements?


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What kind of vitamin can I use to fight my allergies to strong smells?

I have already been taking bee pollen for my outdoor allergies, but I am also mildly allergic to perfumes, gasoline, cleaning products, etc. My nose gets irritated when I breathe them. Is there a vitamin that can fight this specific problem?


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What is the difference between vitamin water and regular water?

I’m doing a science fair project and the topic is will watering plants using different types of liquids affect how tall a plant will grow.I’m going to be watering one plant with vitamin water and the other with regular water.I’m doing a research report and will have to describe the difference between vitamin water and regular water.Please, someone answer to my question.Thanks.I will really appreciate it.


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What are some good sources of Vitamin A?

Just like food,pills, etc. I would much rather eat natural foods if you can name any. Thank you


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Do the colors of fruits and vegetables relate to their vitamin content?

I was just wondering if it can be told just from the color of a fruit or vegetable which vitamins it has. Do all red fruits and veggies have one vitamin while green ones have another, or at least significantly higher levels of one vitamin? And if so, do you know which vitamin each color signifies?


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How much vitamin A, in a day, is considered toxic?

I heard that Vitamin A toxicity can occur at doses of 15000 IU in a day? Just curious, how many percent of the recommended daily intake is that? An 8 ounce glass of carrot juice contains about 630% of the recommended daily intake, is this over 15000 IU? Is there an equation to convert IU to the percentage? What is IU in general?

Thanks for your time!


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I have a cold and can't taste or smell?

I’ve lost my sense of taste and smell. Does anyone know any remedies to relieve this and the explanation as to why this happens. I can still breathe through my nose, there’s a little sinus congestion. I don’t take anything other than Airborne and a lot of Vitamin C which usually works great for me. It’s just frustrating when I lose my sense of smell.


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How do you reverse vitamin a toxicity in a bearded dragon?

My beardy has been very lethargic since we started using vitamins and after some research we find he may have to much vitamin a. How do I reverse those effects?


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What is the best vitamin to take if you feel tired during the day?

I always feel tired in the afternoon. I’ve been told that I need to make sure I take my vitamins daily. Is there really a brand that is best, and what do you think is the best vitamin to take the will give you energy?


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